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Executive Mayor Honours 16 Days of Activism Against Women and Children Abuse


Executive Mayor, Cllr Mpho Nawa and the Speaker, Cllr Johanna Phiri took to the taxi ranks to highlight the 16 days of activism against women and children abuse campaign. The two were accompanied by male senior official in the institution.  Pamphlets were distributed to inform the community on the importance of taking care of women and children. The Mogale City and Randfontein Taxi Associations were more than willing to work closely with the municipality in making sure that women and children in this region are not abused.  Both Mogale City and Randfontein taxi drivers came in numbers at their respective taxi ranks to listen to both the Executive Mayor and the Speaker when they addressed them.

The taxi drivers committed themselves that as much as West Rand never experienced incidents of women abuse at the taxi ranks, such incidents will at all times be prevented from happening.  They emphasized the fact that if men canít protect women, who else should do that.

The taxi drivers assured the Executive Mayor and Speaker that they will continue to be more protective to all the women and children. The mayor commended them and told them they need to work closely with the municipality as incidents of abuse wonít be tolerated at the taxi ranks.  Both women and children have the right to freedom of movement and must be respected at all costs.  Whatever they wear, is what they feel comfortable with and that should be respected. 

Cllr Nawa expressed his gratitude for the zero percent incidents of women and children in our public transport system especially the taxi industry and thanked the taxi drivers for the good job that they have been doing in the region. Cllr Nawa asked them to keep up the good job.






Executive Mayor
Cllr Mpho Nawa



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