M D Mokoena
Municipal Manager

Municipal Manager is responsible for the performance in the following segments:

  • setting up effective and sound administration;
  • coordination and compilation of the IDP;
  • Performance Management System of the Municipality;
  • Internal Audit;
  • Overall responsibility for finances of the Municipality;
  • Advise Political Office Bearers and Council on various issues;
  • Responsible for compliance of the Municipality with various pieces of legislation;
  • Ensures community participation in the a affairs of the Municipality
R Mohaudi
Chief Financial Officer

The Chief Financial Officer is responsible for the performance in the following business units:

  • Financial Planning and Treasury;
  • Supply Chain Management;
  • Expenditure Control;
  • Credit Control and Debtors;
  • Revenue Control;
  • Asset Management;
  • Information Communication and Technology.
M Mazibuko
Executive Manager: Health and Social

Executive Manager: Health and Social Development, is responsible for the following business units:

  • Municipal Health Services,
  • HIV and AIDs,
  • Social Development
  • Sports, Recreation, Art and Culture
E Koloi
Executive Manager: Public Safety

Executive Manager: Public Safety is responsible for the following business units:

  • Integrated Emergency Services (Fire fighting,EMS, etc)
  • Disaster Management Services
  • Community Safety
  • VIP Protection & Security Services
H Hamer
Executive Manager: Regional Planning & Economic Development

Executive Manager:  Regional Planning & Economic Development is responsible for the following business units:

  • Transport and Technical Support
  • Environmental Management and Green IQ
  • Human Settlement and Land Use Management
  • Economic Development and Tourism
R Mokebe
Executive Manager: Corporate Services

Executive Manager: Corporate Services is responsible for the following business units:

  • Human Resources Management & Development
  • Legal & Logistical Services
  • Council Secretariat (Committee Services