1 2022_23 Annual Final Budget

2 2022_23 West Rand Tabled Budget Assessment.fs final

A Budget locking certificate

B Asset management policy

B Banking & Investment Policy

B Borrowings policy

B Budget management policy

B Cost containment policy

B Credit control and Debt management policy

B Fleet management policy

B Funding and reserves policy

B Funding budget plan (Financial Turnaround Strategy)

B Loss control policy

B Municipal tariff book

B Revenue enhancement strategy

B SCM for infrastructure policy

B Supply chain management policy

B Travel allowance policy

B Unauthorised, Irregular, Fruitless and wasteful expenditure policy

B Unforseen and unavoidable expeniture policy

B Virement Policy

D 2022_23 MFMA Budget Circular No. 115 – 04 March 2022 (final)

E Quality Certificate – Final Budget Report 202223

F Certified True Copy of the Minutes 2022-05-26

G West Rand Spatial Development Framework_May 2017. Executive Summary

G West Rand Sustainable Human Settlement Plan – Revision Addendum – June 2017 (002)

H WRDM 2022.23 Draft Strategic SDBIP